Metadados específicos do domínio em registos B2SHARE

Joana Sousa Rodrigues, João Aguiar Castro, João Rocha da Silva, Nelson Pereira, Yulia Karimova, Cristina Ribeiro


Research data management (RDM) is a complex problem, involving many stakeholders with different needs that give rise to diverse requirements and technical challenges. Metadata production is a not only a practical issue with a clear impact on data discovery and reuse but also a clear social challenge for RDM. As research funders press for Open Data in the EU and researchers become more aware of the benefits of RDM and data publication, there is an increasing need for institutional support for RDM both at the institutional level and at the EU level. In this exploratory study we report on five data publication case studies, where we involved researchers in the description and sharing of their datasets using our Dendro platform and the EUDAT's B2SHARE. The resulting metadata records combine generic and domain-specific metadata descriptors, highlighting the need to complement Dublin Core descriptions when it comes to metadata for research datasets.


research data management, metadata, data publication, Dendro

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