ONE for all and all for ONE

Liv Holm


The ONE project aimed at connecting the major bibliographic services in Europe via z39.50 and to improve the quality of search results by implementing the EXPLAIN service.
We developed software for general handling ofz39.50 in Origin and Target, a stand­ alone client (ICONE), a neutral entry point (NEP) and a Toolbox for different types of conversion (fomat, characters etc.). The local systems in 10 servers were enhanced in order to use the general software. We defined a profile of z39.50 for bibliographic databases and a profile for Explain. Ten ONE servers, with 18 databases, and six different clients were used in the 8-month trial service.
ONE-2 is a new project which will build on the results from ONE. We will include ILL and electronic document delivery and the software will be installed in other libraries.

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