Some Issues Facing Technological University Libraries: an IATUL Perspective

Michael Breaks


The International Association of Technological University Libraries (IATUL) 1 was founded in Europe in 1955 and from small beginnings has grown to almost 250 members from 45 countries. It is a vibrant and growing association which provides a network of international contacts for the directors of libraries in technological universities.
IATUL four membership categories:
• Ordinary Membership, which is available to institutions that provide courses in science, technology or engineering to at least Masters level.
• Associate Membership is available to organisations that want to be associated with IATUL, such as national libraries.
• Honorary Membership is for retired members who have provided significant services to the association, usually as a member of the Board.
• Sustaining Membership is for commercial organisations that wish to be members of IATUL and attend the annual conferences.
IATUL is managed by a Board, all of whom are voluntary and are library directors from eight countries. There is some paid support which includes the development and management of the IATUL web site ( and this is based in the Library of the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Because of this mainly voluntary effort, IATUL has a low subscription rate of US$100 per year, which means that we have many members from central and eastern Europe. Our subscriptions are managed by the Library of the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.
IATUL is an active association which encourages communications and networking between its members and has an active a mailing list which connects all members. This leads to discussions between the membership and requests for information, together with regular communication from the Board to the membership on issues of interest.

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