Electronic Records and Business Process Oriented Management

Mats Burell


The paper presents some ideas on how to make use of the methods to describe business processes within the change work (the organizational development) as a part of business process oriented management strategy for different aspects of the management of electronic records. Special attention is paid to the possibilities to co-ordinate the development of the methods for the description of business processes from the general management perspective with the need to develop the records management methodology in two different aspects.
The first aspect is the possibility to develop the methods within the records creation area through the interaction with business process oriented management methodology. The belief of the author is that it is not possible to develop the methods for the creation of electronic records, without getting involved in the development of workflow and document management applications. The business process oriented approach to general management gives a lot of opportunities for the records manager, to define the interface between records management functionalities and other connected areas, such as workflow and document management.
The other aspect discussed in the paper is the possibility to develop the methods within the records description area. As electronic records can be seen as the self created tools of the business processes within the organization and the scheduling and description of electronic records has to be a scheduling and description of these tools, the starting point for this description could be the description of the business processes made by the organization itself from a general management perspective, if the organization chooses a process oriented management strategy.

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